Midwife care in San Luis Obispo County, Now Accepting New Patients

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Jennifer is the most amazing midwife ever. I chose her for my third birth after considering an unassisted birth. The level of care and attention that I received was so much more than I ever expected, and, in retrospect, I couldn’t imagine having done it all by myself. There is something about having a skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate guide that puts an expecting mother at ease. No one should have to do this all by themselves—even if they can. At first, I was skeptical of the entire medical establishment and this almost prevented me from receiving the most awesome medical care ever. Her care was completely non-invasive, yet entirely knowledgeable and respectful. Sharing with me the options, pros and cons, every single step of the way, yet not coercing me to decide one way or the other. I truly felt supported and respected from beginning to end. The aftercare was just as compassionate and careful. Jennifer has a clear mind for details and remembers important information, while at the same time she is like no other traditional health care provider because you can see she genuinely cares about her patients. I felt completely confident in her care and would recommend her to anyone. I only wish she had been there for the first two births as well. This should be the gold standard for how woman are treated during pregnancy and birth. When I called her in labor and told her to come right away, she didn’t doubt me or second guess. She came when I needed her and I will be forever grateful. This was characteristic of how she related to me the whole time. I feel like she trusted me, and built up my confidence as a mother.

Laura Presley